What I Learnt Spending €10’260 On Facebook Ads(And My Mistakes)

What I Learnt Spending €10’260 On Facebook Ads(And My Mistakes) April 29, 20172 Comments

Facebook ads conclusion

Ah Facebook ads, it seems everyone is using them these days.

I was casually looking at my Facebook ads report on my mobile when I clicked on billing and saw my amount spent was €10’260.34 on Facebook ads!

Facebook ads spent
Where did it all go! 🙁

I have been running many different types of Facebook ads for many years now, and I wanted to share my experiences and lessons with you.

Firstly I didn’t spend 10k overnight lol this was over about 2 years.

Secondly, you are probably wondering how much did I make from these Facebook ads?

Good question. *scratches head*

I honestly have no idea, BUT I have learnt a few things here and there that will make your next Facebook ad campaign more profitable.

Facebook ads lifetime repoty
You can see my reckless spending in 2015 haha

Have an objective for your Facebook ad

So many Facebook ads I ran without any main objective. I was endlessly boosting posts, trying to “target” my perfect audience all with little to no objective.

If there is one main piece of advice you get from this article, it is choosing a Facebook ad suitable for your objective. 

I.E If you want more traffic, use clicks to website

If you want more email subscribers then use conversions

Okay, the above does sound incredibly obvious, but it is often so easy to get distracted and pick the wrong objective.

Facebook will show your ad to the people most likely to “convert” “click” “like/share.”

Don’t over complicate things with Facebook ads

I remember Googling “How to create a Facebook ad” many years ago and being completely overwhelmed by all the different type of ads I could create.

Nowadays with the addition of lead ads, video ads and some other weird ads that I don’t even know, it can be easy to make the most elaborate Facebook ad that does absolutely nothing.

Some of the best Facebook ads campaigns I ran were the simplest.

Targeting the right customers

facebook ads finding the right customer
Showwwwee me the moneeey

You could have the biggest Facebook ad budget, the best copy in the world but if it’s reaching the wrong audience, you will likely get nowhere.

The best customers you want to target first are the ones that know you.

Think about how much work you have to put in to get a customer to know, like and trust you.

What I did was went crazy for lookalike audiences and interest-based audiences. 

Bad idea!

As I learnt from Derek Halpern

“Build Your Audience First And Sell Them Stuff Later”

Sounds so simple but its so true. Spend you Facebook ad budget first on people that already know you.

Not only will your CPC(Cost per click) be lower but I guarantee you will surpass any lookalike or interest-based audience.

One of the best ways of doing this is to install Facebook pixel to retarget these people later. More info here

Once you have exhausted that you can move down the later to things like people who follow you + friends of people who follow you.

Don’t try to outsmart Facebook

Outsmarting Facebook ads
Me smarter than Facebook

I think for my first six months running Facebook ads I went for a manual cost per click or cost per sign up.

Thinking AHA.. I can beat Facebook they are just trying to over charge me anyways…

Unfortunately, I was completely wrong.

Now there is a time and a place for manual bidding, but you would want to be 100% sure about what you are doing and have an extremely targetted Facebook ad.

Facebooks algorithm is so advanced at this stage that it really does find you the best value for money.

Just a word of warning. Facebook takes time to identify your target audience so if an ad cost does seem a bit high initially give it at least two days before you throw in the towel.

If you go for Facebook ad conversions, often if your budget is too low Facebook can’t get enough data on your ideal customer or lead.

As a rule of thumb, it is typically $10 a day for an audience of around 10k people. Of course, this number can vary +/-20% depending on the competitiveness of your niche.

Have some sort of a funnel for you Facebook ad

Now I am not going to go too much into the millions of different funnels you can create but don’t just create a Facebook ad for the sake of getting some more traffic.

As I mentioned above, have an objective but also have a simple funnel.

So something like this exact article:

Content – The one you are reading ->

Free download -> Click here to download the free PDF of this article

Email them autoresponders or try to upsell them in the email.

Boom you have a sale 😉

Don’t create 100 different ad types

Right now there are about 15+ different types of Facebook ads. Lead ads, carousel ads, video ads, the page like ads, canvas ads, lead ads, dynamic product ads and much more lol.

If you were to even try half of these, you could spend hundreds and waste countless hours of your time.

Make an objective, choose one of the ads you find yourself interacting with and go from there.

If after a few weeks you have little to no results start on something else.

But focus on one style of ads first.

Be careful about overspending

overspending on facebook ads

Facebook have done a great job at making it so simple to boost a post or create a quick advert.

But as a word of warning they amounts can quickly add up.

I remember I was spending about €20 a day thinking ah yea sure it is only 20 euro whats the worst that can happen.

It is only when you take a step back and say wait a minute.. €20 X 30 days = €600 p/m!

This is exactly why having a specific goal and budget makes a lot of sense. As you can see I have spent just over 10k and haven’t really kept track of anything.

Did that 10K mean an extra 100K in revenue.. or 15k in revenue?

The main reason I don’t know is because it has been a lot of affiliate promotions which do well organically on the site as well.

I would also advise having a separate bank account for your Facebook ads billing.

There is nothing worse than getting an email from Facebook saying “Facebook billing receipt €400”, and you only have €420 in the account haha.

Use your personality in the copy

Facebook ads
Don’t just be a brick wall like this guy

In my experience, the highest converting ads have been ones where I have just been myself. Not tried to use some fancy stock image or “click here to get rich in 30 days” type crap.

Use your own voice, your own images if you can and just be unique. People have become very good at ignoring the average so stand out and be seen. 🙂

Also, I would recommend bright images as they tend to stand out in the news feed much more.

Fix your website

Okay, I am not trying to be mean here, but sometimes your landing page might just suck. I am not saying it does, but it can be easy to spend 100% of your effort getting an actual Facebook ad up and running and forgetting to optimise the website.

I remember I was sending people to a landing page and I had the wrong email list selected for about three days lol

The art of boosting a post

I’m sure many of you reading this article have at some stage “boosted” a Facebook post. I have done this many times and some things I have learnt are.

  • Don’t try to boost an over promotional post; you will end up paying 10X more than what you want.
  • How do you know if its over promotional? Simple once you share it on your Facebook page open up Google analytics if it is doing well organically then statistically it will be much cheaper than a promotional post.
  • Don’t go crazy on the budget, even if you have a lot. There is no need to. Put 20-30€ on max for 7+ days. I’ve found it works best for me.

Conclusion and my thoughts on Facebook ads

Facebook ads conclusion

Facebook ads are far from gone and while they are certainly a LOT more saturated than before they are now easier than ever to create effective ads.

Is it too late to get into Facebook ads? Absolutely not! Get going now!

Are Facebook ads right for my business? 100% any niche or industry out there can benefit from Facebook ads.

Can you teach me Facebook ads? – *Runs away*

So don’t forget:

  • Be unique – Stand out baby
  • Have a specific objective
  • Create some sort of call to action Download this PDF and join my awesome email list
  • Approx €10 daily budget for every 10k people – Experiment, experiment and experiment.
  • Don’t worry about trying 100 different Facebook ads. Start with one type and test it.
  • Start your budget off small; you don’t have to spend $40 a day to find out if an ad is working. Starting with €5 and scale up in increments of about 20% every few days.
  • Install Facebook pixel on your website! This thing is ideal for targeting people who know, like and (hopefully) trust you.

My top Facebook ad resources: 

  • Number 1 has to be Rick Mulready’s podcast – The Art of paid traffic if you haven’t heard of it then go listen now 🙂
  • Jon Loomer – This guy has been doing Facebook ads forever… he knows his stuff and gives a tonne of great content out for free. By visiting his website, you are also very likely to see a Facebook ad in your news feed very soon haha.
  • Leadpages – I use them for the majority of my Facebook ads and yes that is an affiliate link 🙂
  • Grammarly – Because we need to do the good writing.

What other Facebook ad resources have you found useful? I would love to check them out 🙂 Comment below plz


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