Stephen Palmer And The Niche Around Podcast

Stephen Palmer And The Niche Around Podcast February 20, 20171 Comment

Stephen Palmer

Who is Stephen Palmer?…let me tell you.

Want me to teach you how to make 10K in 30 days?


Are you sick of people making money off you?

I teach you to build a business that supports your lifestyle, not takes from it.

Imagine sitting on a beach sipping an ice cold beer only to get distracted by a notification from your phone.

But this is not a notification to say “payment failed” or “your friend tagged you on Facebook.”

Its actually an email saying “Well done”

That “Well done” is an email informing you, you have just earned €75 from an affiliate sale

You take a deep breath put your phone back down, smile and take a big sip of your beer.

No, the above is not a fairy tale it is what I am here to help teach you.

View of my Google analytic dashboard. Over 3 million visits
One of my first popular niche blogs

Success, passive income, free “internet money” they are easy to get right? 

In fact, if you click here and pay me just $97 I’ll teach you the secret!!! #Facepalm

I’m sick of the above, I bought into the so-called “easy way to make money online” method for years, and I guess you did as well?

I started with this ridiculous one direction website where I tried to sell ad space to teenage fans who loved 1D! <- This actually happened lol!

After that had failed a few months later, I thought now I’ve got it, ill make a website(similar to “million dollar homepage”), but I’ll ask for €1 and call it “Give Me A Euro”.

I’ll be rich! Stephen thought to himself

Six months later and a whopping €23 and far less friend I had another failed venture.

Fast forward to another 3 or 4 failed “I’m going to rich in 27 days scams”, and I had just about given up.

So after what I can assume was a period of 3 – 4 years of wasted dreams and aspirations I stopped believing I could live the “Dot com lifestyle” <- Queue emotional awww

But then something happened.

It wasn’t until I made the move to Australia in 2013 from Ireland(I’m Irish/Zimbabwean another story for another day).

Since the rest of my friends had moved over it seemed like a good idea, especially considering the ole Irish economy wasn’t the best back then(#Recession)

Once I was there a few months, I saw an epic opportunity to help Irish people who are moving to Australia….

Now I know what you are thinking.

Did you charge people?

Did you sell a service?

* No.. I did something almost unnatural to what I had learnt from all these “online gurus.”

I gave value and build communities <- Crazy right!

I also did crazy things like ask people what they wanted to read and what actually interested them.

“Okay that’s great Steve.. but where is the drinking beer on the beach part!?”

Stephen Palmer

Well, fast forward 12 months of doing the above I quite my 9-5 job to work full time on it. I went from earning $1-2k p/m to $5k+ p/m in just over one month.

I told my girlfriend to quit her job and let’s go to Bali!!! Why not right?…

Once we got there we a took a trip to Gili Islands where I was sitting on the beach when that notification came in.


How did I go from 1k -> 5k p/m?

How did I do this magical thing!? That all these gurus couldn’t teach me

The answer…

Listening to podcasts

But I didn’t just listen and get “inspired” like you might be right now I did something far crazier than that.

I took action – I did what they said and implemented this and that.

So if you want me to help you build a business that supports your lifestyle(not the other way round) click below and I’ll begin teaching you.

Oh, and did I mention how much this is going to cost you?

0, Zero, Nada.

So take action today and subscribe here.

Take Action Stephen Palmer
The hardest part can be making the first leap

Not ready to subscribe yet? No problem some other reading and or listening you will find useful are:

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